Patient Advocates

Do not be scared of the new Healthcare Law!

Let Living Grace stand in the gap for you and your family. With thousands of new healthcare rules coming into effect this year which will directly affect your health, partner with the folks who will hold your hand and walk you through the medical maze.

Do you get nervous when you go to the doctor? Ever feel like your doctor just wants to hurry up and see the next patient? Get an advocate at your side to make certain all your health questions get answered. Whether you’ve received a medical bill you don’t owe, or need specific information about your illness or injury, Living Grace is here to serve you. They will even go with you to doctor’s appointments and hospital stays!

Living Grace is a locally owned patient advocacy business in Alabama.

Have you ever found yourself overwhelmed with questions, information, and requests involving the complexities of healthcare for yourself or a loved one?

Whether it's about troubling side effects, new signs or symptoms, or an insurance question, we will be there for you and your family.

Patient advocates are not medical practitioners. It's important that they're not. We hire passionate, dedicated, compassionate people, who don't provide medical care themselves, but do know exactly who to call to get the right care, right now. If a patient has a problem or a question, the advocate knows exactly who to turn to for an answer or solution.

Patient advocates are highly trained, skilled professionals. They are mediators, connectors, information sources, educators and, most important, listeners. They listen to patients no matter how long it takes.

When we meet with patients or family members, we listen attentively to ensure we fully understand the patient’s or family members concern. We then develop an action plan, explain it, and make certain it is what the patient wants. After the patient confirms that the plan is understood and desired, we facilitate the patient receiving whatever they wanted.

At Living Grace, we do not impose our own beliefs regarding a patients choice of health care, or decision to not receive any particular type of care. We fully support the patients choices whether typical medical care or atypical alternative care.